December 2020 Press Release:

First Nations helping FEED our people & our Spirits!

FEED Seven Generations is honored to be chosen as a First Nations Development Institute: Native Agriculture and Food Systems Initiative (NAFSI) Grant recipient! Our project titled “Traditional and Culturally Significant Foods Access Project” focus is to provide culturally significant food, and medicine to 800 families and provide market access points to our tribal harvesters, medicine gatherers, and traditional food experts.  The Traditional and Culturally Significant Foods Access Project is to support Muckleshoot People with a special emphasis on Elders, Children, and individuals navigating recovery. We will host culturally significant food and medicine distribution. We plan to align our upcoming distribution, and community outreach events with the start to Native American Heritage Month in November, future events to be announced via our Website:

Through this project we have also worked in the Muckleshoot Community Garden to till, re-soil, and plant a crop for this FALL 2020! Due to COVID-19 guidelines much of this garden was not planted for the harvesting season. With the support of First Nations NAFSI grant this garden was available for a harvest this Fall of squash, tomatoes, potatoes, and tea medicines to be added for the Cultural food distribution. This project is allowing FEED to provide food access points for the next seven generations! FEED partnered with Enumclaw Plateau Farmers Market (EPFM) at the start of this project to volunteer with the market team on event days and bring awareness, and access to the EPFM for tribal people. The EPFM vendors donated a variety of seasonal starts for the garden.

We want to thank all the volunteers, and organizations that are making this work possible! Aho’

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