Mission Statement

“FEED revitalizes the health and wellness of tribal communities by amplifying the voice of Native people, reconnecting to ancestral community health practices and elevating land management strategies.”

— Feed Seven Generations

Vision Statement

“We envision a world in which all Native Americans are able to obtain a nutritionally adequate and culturally appropriate diet through a sustainable food system that honors all living things, builds community capacity and increases the overall health of the land, water and people.”

— Feed Seven Generations

Our Core Principles

Feeding 7 Generations is a nonprofit known as FEED, an acronym, and representation of the organization’s core principles;  

  • Fostering economic opportunities for Tribal food producers in a modern, global food system, 
  • Educating Tribal communities by developing and teaching health education materials grounded in both health traditions and modern scientific findings, 
  • Empowering Tribal communities by strengthening our voice and presence in the broader food movement, and 
  • Developing Tribal communities through policy frameworks that create meaningful community change and measurable outcomes.


  • Increase awareness of traditional food systems among individuals and organizations in the Native and non-Native community engaged in sustainable food systems development and utilization.
  • Improve Native health outcomes through revitalizing ancestral food and health traditions in a modern context.
  • Transform local food systems to sustainably incorporate the area’s traditional food sources.
  • Activate a culture of health derived from the health of the land and place based knowledge.